Student Welfare
It is of great importance to us to provide our students with plenty of support before, during and after their studies. We offer educational guidance and welfare support to make our students more comfortable during their time at Stratford College London. Our welfare provision aims to promote diversity and tolerance amongst our student body.
The College has a dedicated welfare officer who is committed to providing advice and guidance on the following aspects of student life:

  • safety and security
  • college and local facilities, services and events
  • medical and dental treatment options and insurance
  • banking
  • progression opportunities
  • student employment
  • local places of worship
  • licensing laws
  • support for students with disabilities and special considerations
  • personal matters, including financial hardship, culture shock and homesickness

The welfare officer can be seen by appointments, which can be made by contacting reception
Student Induction
Stratford College London will be holding a number of events and induction sessions in order to welcome you into the College and onto your new course. We hope that you will attend as many of these sessions as possible as it is a great way to be introduced to your new classmates and lecturers. Session also covers other areas e.g.: Health & Safety, Assessment , Scheme of Work, Student Council, Complaint Procedure, Student Finance, registration on Moodle and question & Answer.
Familiarise yourself with Moodle and its interface.  There are lots of valuable resources on there that you should maximise. Your programme lecturers and teachers will be using Moodle extensively throughout your course and so it will be best to understand how it works as early on as possible.
We will be informing you of the key contacts you will need to be aware of whilst studying at the College and how we will keep in touch with you throughout your studies. Make sure you are checking your Moodle account messages and College emails on a daily basis to ensure you don’t miss anything important.
On registration with the College you will be issued with your ID card that you are required to keep with you at all times whilst in the building, this is to ensure your safety and the safety of others on campus. If you are found not to be wearing your ID badge whilst in the building; a member of staff will stop you and ask you to put it on.  We take this matter very seriously as it is essential that we know who is in the building at all times.
Advice will be given on how to apply for an Oyster card.  Your Oyster card is the travel card you will need to get around London on the busses and the underground network. Student welfare will also be showing you how to register your Oyster, in case of loss or theft, and explaining how to get a discount as a student on travel.
We will discuss with you the procedure that you will be required to follow in the event of a fire.  For information, should the fire alarm sound you should evacuate the building, without going back to collect bags and coats, and congregate at the fire assembly point at the BP Petrol Station opposite college building.
Registering with a doctor
When you go to register with a GP, take proof that you are a student in the UK and proof of address with you and ask to be registered as a NHS patient.
Hospital and Emergency Treatment
Emergency hospital treatment is free for everyone.
If you feel that you need urgent medical attention you should go to A&E (Accident and Emergency). A&E departments assess and treat patients with serious injuries or illnesses. They are not suitable if you have a minor problem.
If you are unable to go to A&E, dial 999 for free emergency treatment. It is free to dial from any telephone.
Students from an EU country are encouraged to carry a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their home country, and will need to have this card to access free treatment if their course of study is part time or less than 6 months. If you do a full-time course of 6 months or more, you will be entitled to free NHS hospital treatment.
NHS Walk-In Centre
If you feel unwell whilst you are at the College, you might want to go to a NHS Walk-In Centre. This nurse-led facility provides treatment for minor ailments such as infections, lacerations (minor cuts or wounds) and fractures. No appointment is needed for this service, but you might be required to wait for sometime before you will be seen by a doctor
Dental Treatment
You can find the contact details of dentists who give NHS treatment at should ask the dentist whether they accept NHS patients – many do not. If you are entitled to NHS treatment, you may still have to make a contribution towards the cost of your dental treatment. If you are not entitled to NHS treatment, or the dentist you choose does not take NHS patients (some dentists will only accept private patients), you will have to pay for the full cost of your treatment.
Your doctor may write a prescription for you if you require a medicine. The prescription authorises a pharmacist to give you a particular medicine. You can get prescriptions and other medicines from your local pharmacy.
Please check with your doctor whether you will need to pay for prescriptions.
For more detailed information on medical treatment and how keep healthy please visit the website of the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)
Physical Disability 
The College is accessible for wheelchair users.  While we aim to provide access to all and make all reasonable adjustments, our courses or facilities may not be suitable for everyone.  In these cases we will give impartial advice about other Colleges and Learning Institutes.
Visual and Audible Impairment 
The College always aims to make all reasonable adjustments to the environment. In some cases, an application can be made to the awarding body, proposing alternative assessment methods and making a request for specifically adapted learning resources. Please contact welfare officer to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your individual needs and requirements.
Learning Difficulties 
The most common type of learning difficulty that we encounter is dyslexia.  The College will give impartial advice about external agencies and organisations who can offer additional support for a learner to be successful.  In some cases, an application for adaptions and special considerations can be made to the awarding body.  Please contact welfare officer to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your individual needs and requirements.
Stratford College London is ideally based for optimum use of all the local amenities and is based very close to the local libraries. We would encourage you to register with the local libraries as it is a great resource that you can access at no cost to yourself.
At Stratford College London we have multiple computer suites that are accessible to students.  Students are able to benefit from high speed internet free of charge in the state of the art suites whilst working in a controlled and study focussed environment.   There are wireless hotspot zones around the college for students to use with their own laptops or tablets and many black and white photocopiers or printers around the campus.
As a registered student you are entitled to a number of discounts for travel and shopping.  You can get a discount on national rail travel, as well as the London Underground and bus services.  You are also entitled to register for an NUS Extra card which grants you access to extensive discounts in clothes shops, leisure and entertainment activities, subscriptions and even travel and holiday packages. Stratford College London can authorise your attendance at College in order to grant you access to these discounts.