Private Tutoring
Our private tutoring programme provides students personal attention with a focus on their needs for academic success in core subjects. In private (one-to-one) or small group sessions, our experienced tutors coach each student according to his or her particular needs and abilities.Tutors explicate course content and help students build.

study skills, confidence, and independence. Our program helps students with any of the following goals:

  • Increase knowledge and performance in current course material
  • Prepare for the challenges of upcoming classes
  • Study for standardized tests
  • Improve study and organizational skills
  • Understand teacher expectations

Plan for college, write personal essays and submit college applications
About Stratford Tuition Centre
Our Mission
We offer a fully customizable approach towards learning that is sure to move your children towards the head of their class. With weekly testing and fully developed course materials, we monitor students’ progress every step of the way. Your children will gain a sense of confidence and excitement towards learning unlike any they have experienced before. Get started today and give your children the gift of a lifetime.
Our Profile
Stratford Tuition Centre is specialized in tutoring Mathematics and English for both enrichment and remedial purposes. We are committed to strengthening students’ analytical and reasoning skills through our unique teaching methods and professional guidance.

The exercises are carefully formulated and tested so as to provide students with enough drilling in different aspects. They enable students to have a complete revision of their learned topics. As an educator, we encourage students to develop their potentials and make progress whenever possible.
Our Objective
Our goal is to motivate and encourage students to learn the basic principles of mathematics and English in a way that they will find both rewarding and enjoyable.
Why Choose Stratford Tuition Centre
* Calm and friendly atmosphere

* Safe and secure environment

  • CBR checked staff
  • Small groups
  • Personal attention

Subjects Offered
At Present we are offering the following subjects from year 1 to A Levels and Higher.

English Mathematics


English Language

English Literature


Core Mathematics

Further Mathematics

Science ICT





Computer Science

Computer Science

Business Languages


Business Studies



Adult classes for numeracy, Literacy and ICT

Subject Levels Support provided for

Key Stage 1,2,3





Cambridge International



Tuition Fees: One to One:    £15 per hour
Classroom Teaching:   £10 per hour.

For more information and registration, contact Stratford Tuition Centre for more information at:
GCE/ GCSE / A Levels Examinations
Internal/Private Students
Students who have been studying at the centre will fall under the category of Internal Candidate and will be required to pay only examination fee. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the exams office that s/he will be taking the exams with us at the time of admission. Students who want to use Stratford College London as an exam centre only, will fall under the category of Private Candidate and will be liable to pay administration costs in addition to the normal exam fee.

We charge admin fee of £55 at the time of admission. (Internal students). We charge £85 admin fees to all external students per exam session.

For more information and registration, please contact: Stratford College London: admin@sclondon.ac.uk

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